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We are looking for individuals who want to join our network of professionals in leadership positions within the automotive industry. We have a broad presence in the automotive sector and serve clients in various segments, such as passenger cars, trucks, construction equipment, agriculture, spare parts, tires, leasing companies, and more.

If you have experience in business development, sales, finance, or similar roles in a leadership capacity within the automotive industry, please submit an expression of interest. We will keep you in mind when the right opportunity arises.

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If you have previously worked as a CEO, COO, CTO, Sales Director, CFO, Marketing Manager, or a similar position, you are relevant to our network. We are looking for individuals who either already know they want to move forward in their careers or those who are simply curious about joining our network and exploring the services we offer.

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AutoExecutive is a separate business unit within Autorekrytering, specializing in recruiting senior positions within the automotive industry, with a focus on roles in management and the board of directors. Our AutoExecutive recruiters possess not only expertise in recruitment, evaluation, and testing but also have firsthand experience in holding senior executive positions such as Chairman of the Board, CEO, or COO.

Within AutoExecutive, we work, when necessary, across both industry borders and national borders to identify the strongest candidates tailored to the specific challenges, opportunities, and needs that your organization is facing.


If you want to know more about us, please feel free to reach out to Clemens Döring at Please consider sending a brief self-presentation or your CV, which will help us better understand the areas where you may be a suitable fit.

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