Niche recruitment gives you the right candidate

Our talented recruiters specialize in finding the right skills for the right job in the motor industry. Thanks to our clearly-defined niche and large network, chances are good that we already know the person you are looking for. And if not, we know where to look.

Our recruitment process

After 10 years in the industry, we know that a successful recruitment is based on a systematic approach, good knowledge of the client’s business, and a thorough understanding of what is required for the role in question. Our recruitment process comprises the following steps:

  • Step 1

    Needs analysis & requirements profile

    In order to be able to conduct a needs analysis, we begin by making a site visit. The needs analysis then provides a good basis for the requirements profile drawn up by you as the client.

  • Step 2


    We advertise the vacancy here on our website, with the Public Employment Service, on the client’s website and in newspapers at the client’s request.

  • Step 3


    We process all applications, both external and internal. We also contact candidates who have the right profile in our database, and reach out to our personal network of contacts.

  • Step 4


    No later than two to three weeks after the signing of the engagement letter, Autorekrytering normally begins conducting initial interviews and checking references.

  • Step 5


    Within three to four weeks of the signing of the engagement letter, you the client will be offered a meeting with the top candidate. Before the meeting you will receive a written profile describing the candidate and a verbal briefing regarding our reference check. After the meeting we conduct a follow-up call with both parties.

  • Step 6

    Quality assurance

    Our quality system has been developed on the basis of industry needs, and includes customised reference templates, automotive technology tests and personality profile analyses.

  • Step 7


    Once a candidate has been selected, Autorekrytering will serve as advisers and mediators prior to the start of employment. These services may relate to, for example, terms and conditions and the duties defined for the position (job description). Once the employment contract has been signed, we conduct a verbal review with both parties. For candidates who are still being considered for the assignment after the initial interview, at least two references are checked.

  • Step 8


    In order to make sure that everything is working properly, we conduct two follow-ups with you and the candidate; the first follow-up is performed on the second day of work, and the next takes place 20 weeks after start of employment.

Want to read more about our recruitment process? Download the entire presentation here.